COMMUNITY-TRADITION-VIOLENCE Polish culture and literature in the context of post-dependence.

17 augusti 2017
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Polish Literature and Culture Faculty of Technological-Humanistic Academy in Bielsko-Biała

Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences' Historical Literary Commision

would like to invite you to literary conference


Polish culture and literature in the context of post-dependence.

Bielsko-Biała, 23th and 24th October 2017

The topic of the conference was dictaded by a belief that reflecting upon the problematic aspects of the dependencies is one of the most vital tasks that the modern liberal arts are facing. We live in a world, where not only the „classical” forms of colonization (eg. XVI- XX century European empires' colonialism) need to be analysed. But also to look into their modern forms as well of which we are often unaware. Cultural, sexual or economical repression. These forms cause the subdued s t r a n g e r to be unable to speak for himself. More and more people are opting to apply methods developed by the post-colonial critic to research considering Central Europe. They share a view that this area has also been a colonial territory in the past. Consequences continue to impact local communities, shaping their mentality, culture and social life.

We would like to consider with you what makes us today a national community. It is especially important to note the dependencies connecting the concepts: community-tradition-violence and the questions that arise. For example: How do we define ourselves as a community? Has this definition changed during decades? How, as individuals, do we pay the price of belonging to a community? How do we cope with our history? Are we prepared to approach it critically and “depoliticize” it? How does the history influence us now? What does the modern national mythology tell about us and how does it differ from the “strongest” mythology – the romantic one. How is it functionalised in an ideological debate? Why is such a debate so full of violence? What is our auto-stereotype and how do we perceive ourselves compared to the strangers?

To those who are literary scholars, culture experts, linguistic and any other academics interested in Polish culture, we would like to invite you to a discussion to analyse how religion, culture and literature answers such questions and how the language defines us.

Speakers should submit the abstracts of their papers by August 31 to Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar, du måste ha Javascript aktiverat för att visa den The registration fee is 200PLN and does not cover costs of the accomodation.

We offer to provide help with booking hotel rooms in the area of ATH campus. We are consdering printing a publication of conference works.

On behalf of the organizers:

Ph.D. UŚ Anna Szawerna-Dyrszka

Ph.D. ATH Michał Kopczyk